LG is reportedly abandoning its modular phone strategy after one try

Amelia KralesModular phones aren't winning. Korea's Electronic Times reported today that LG will go back to a regular, integrated design for its upcoming G6 phone after a failed experiment with modularity.LG seemed to have big plans for its G5 phone, with a nice collection of modules out of the gate and the promise of an ecosystem. We liked some things about the phone, but also found a lot of compromises thanks to the modular design. In June we learned that the phone wasn't doing very well, partly due to the complication of building it... ...  read more »

A giant nude statue in California is stirring controversy

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (AP) — There have long been complaints about the lack of women in the tech industry. Now there's a towering female figure, in a tech park across the bay from San Francisco, although not quite what some people had in mind.  read more »

BMW's vision for the smart city of the future includes autonomous driving and AI

BMW's new venture accelerator allows entrepreneurs to work with its engineers to create human-focused technology that will result in a paradigm shift of urban mobility.  read more »

Leading researcher says iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip ‘blows away the competition’

Apple famously has hundreds if not thousands of in-house engineers who work on chip design and the group's work is becoming increasingly more impressive with each new iPhone release. Getting right down to it, the new A10 Fusion chip that powers Apple's iPhone 7 is an absolute beast. While new iPhone models are always faster than their predecessors, Apple really outdid itself with the A10, both in terms of overall performance and power efficiency; as we were reminded in a new showdown on Friday, the iPhone 7 crushes leading Android phones . DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Closer, but Android was still crushed in the end When Apple introduced the iPhone 7, it boasted that the A10 Fusion is the "most powerful chip ever in a smartphone" and, truth be told, it's hard to disagree. As a quick point of reference, consider this: the A10 chip is 40% faster than the A9 chip Apple used in the iPhone 6s. That's a tremendous year-over-year improvement no matter how you look at it. Since the iPhone 7's release, a variety of testing has confirmed that Apple's A10 Fusion processor is best in class. Most recently, microprocessor analyst Linley Gwennap of Mobile Chip Report recently said that the A10 "blows away the competition." Apple’s investment in custom CPU design continues to pay off, as the new iPhone 7 delivers better performance than any other flagship smartphone and outscores even some low-end PCs. The phone uses a new processor chip, the A10 Fusion, that contains not one but two custom CPU designs, representing Apple’s first foray into the Big.Little approach that many other mobile processors employ. The massive Hurricane CPU improves performance by 35% over the previous-generation Twister, boosting both the clock speed and the per-clock performance. The smaller Zephyr CPU helps the iPhone 7 extend battery life compared with its predecessor. You might also remember that Anandtech had similar praise for the iPhone 7's hardware, calling it "unparalleled and a cut above anything else in the industry." Putting the iPhone 7 through any number of tests, the results speak for themselves.

If you want a jet black iPhone 7 Plus before Christmas, you’d better order it now

Today is October 21st, and it has now been a month and a week since Apple first released its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Five full weeks, and yet it's still next to impossible to find the model that everyone wants. The larger iPhone 7 Plus is vastly superior to its smaller sibling this year, and Apple's new glossy jet black color is obviously the most desirable color of the season. It's also the most difficult color for Apple's manufacturing partners to create, and you know what happens when high demand meets low supply. If you want a jet black iPhone 7 Plus, you have two options: you can either stalk your local Apple stores every single morning until you find one in stock, or you can order one online. If you're not the stalker type and you want your shiny new iPhone before Christmas though, you had better order one right away. DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use As of Friday morning, the soonest shipping estimate for Apple's jet black iPhone 7 Plus models has now slipped back to December. Apple's online stores shows a delivery window of six to eight weeks for new orders, which means deliveries are not expected to be made until December 2nd at the earliest and December 16th at the latest. Friday also marks the release of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in several additional countries, which means supply might not improve anytime soon. On other words, if you want a new iPhone 7 Plus in jet black and you want it to arrive before Christmas, you had better order it right away. If you want one in time for the start of Hanukkah, you might already be too late. Your other option, as we mentioned, is to keep your eye on stores in your area. Stores in big cities have begun to get some shipments of jet black iPhone 7 Plus inventory, but it's usually sold out by mid-morning. Keep your eye on third-party inventory tracking site iStockNow every morning and be ready to pounce.

Google’s new Pixel XL is no match for iPhone 7 Plus in one key area

Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were released on Thursday and diehard Android fans were excited. In fact, unlike Nexus phones from Google, the new Pixel phones even managed to generate some interest outside the enthusiast crowd thanks to the recent cancellation of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7. Android users are in search of a new star now that Samsung's most recent flagship phone is more than seven months old, and Google's first self-designed handsets could be just what the doctor ordered. Early reviews were mostly positive, though bloggers who didn't like the phones really didn't like them . Google Assistant is a bright spot and the Pixel's rear camera really shined as well, even managing to capture more impressive photos than Apple's iPhone 7 Plus in many cases . But a new test reveals that there's another key area where Google's new Pixel XL is no match for Apple's flagship phablet. DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use There are a few features that always seem to be at the top of every list when consumers are surveyed about the things they consider most when buying a smartphone. Camera quality is absolutely near the top of the list each time, and the Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus both have you covered in this important area. The #1 answer is almost always battery life though, and Apple's phablet beat the newest Google phone by a wide margin in one recent test. Mobile blog Phone Arena put both phablets through its standard battery test , which is intended to measure how long a smartphone battery lasts during continuous "typical" use. According to the site's tests, the new Google Pixel XL lasted for an admirable 7 hours and 19 minutes, one minute longer than Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge. But the iPhone 7 Plus ran for 9 hours and 5 minutes, crushing the Pixel phablet by nearly 2 hours.

Let’s hope this rumored AT&T and TWC merger never happens

According to a non-scientific poll of our internal Slack channel, the American company we'd most like to see dead is AT&T. Second place goes to TWC. So let's not even think about what would happen if both those cesspools of bad billing and awful customer service were to ever merge. DON'T MISS:  New tests confirm there’s one iPhone 7 model that’s much slower than the rest Unfortunately, we have to entertain that possibility. According to a report from  Bloomberg , "senior executives at AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. have met in recent weeks to discuss various business strategies including a possible merger." While the talks are still "informal," the fact that there are any talks at all are the final confirmation that we really should just end 2016 right now. A merger of the two companies -- who both already command monopolies for cable and internet across wide swathes of the country -- would be fantastic for business, so it's no surprise that the two companies are in talks. AT&T is the largest provider of cable TV in the US at this point, while TWC's new parent company Charter is the third-largest. A merger of the two would give them over 50 percent market share, which is terrifying to everyone already being screwed over by the lack of competition for cable internet and TV. Exactly how much TWC would be worth to AT&T is debatable, but the company is currently valued by the stock market at about $62 billion. TWC rejected a takeover offer of $75 billion in 2014. The obvious sticking point for a merger or acquisition would be regulation. Anti-competition regulators (and the FCC!) would be very unlikely to approve an offer that creates a company with so much monopoly power. But then again, regulators did approve Charter's takeover of TWC last year, so anything's really possible.

More than 1 million people are still using Samsung’s potentially explosive Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 has harmed people and caused tens, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to users' property. It burned furniture, floors, cars and even a house . The phone has officially been recalled and discontinued, with Samsung warning all owners that they should power down the device immediately and return it to a local retailer at once. There has never been a more serious problem with a smartphone in the history of the industry, and yet many people refuse to turn in their handsets and insist on putting themselves and those around them at risk. DON'T MISS:  There might actually be an Android phone faster than Apple’s iPhone 7 There is absolutely no question that, battery defect aside, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is the most spectacular phablet the world has ever seen. We said as much in our Galaxy Note 7 review this past August. The phone features a stunning design, the best display the world has ever seen, and a camera so good that it's hard to believe it's stuffed into a smartphone. But the phone is unsafe, and has therefore been recalled and cancelled. Samsung has certainly made a few mistakes along the way — the company has allegedly been slow to make pay for damages , and one person claims the company tried to bribe him to keep quiet — but full refunds are available to anyone who returns their Note 7 phones. According to a new report out of South Korea, however, more than a million people are still using the Note 7 despite all the warnings. Korea JoongAng Daily  reports that in South Korea especially, many users have refused to return their Galaxy Note 7s because they like the phone so much. Many more have also said that the return or exchange process is too much of a hassle to deal with. "The process seemed complicated and with my current workload, I simply didn’t have the time to do all that," one man told the news site. "I might buy the Galaxy S8 that is supposed to be released next year. But before then, I don’t really want to downgrade." Another Note 7 owner said he had to wait in line for an hour to exchange his original Note 7 for a "safe" replacement last month, and he refuses to go through the trouble again. "I’m not willing to go through that again," he said. "The phone isn’t bad at all in terms of functions, so I just decided to keep it." More than 1 million people have yet to return their potentially dangerous Galaxy Note 7 phones, according to the site's sources.

China's Geely shows global ambitions, launching new compact SUV in Germany

By Caroline Copley BERLIN (Reuters) - Chinese automaker Geely, the owner of Volvo cars, showed off the first model of its new Lynk & Co brand in Germany on Thursday, a compact SUV aimed at taking on the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as well as ride-hailing service Uber, across the world. The Lynk, made in China, will go on sale at home in 2017, followed by Europe and the United States in 2018, and marks one of the first attempts by a Chinese carmaker to create a global brand that makes use of European design and technology know-how. This year alone, Chinese home appliances maker Midea has agreed to buy German robotics firm Kuka and Fujian Grand Chip Investment Fund LP is taking over semiconductor equipment maker Aixtron.. Long seen as a cheap, no-frills brand in China and unheard of in Europe, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group purchased struggling Swedish carmaker Volvo from Ford in 2010 to help it leapfrog a decade of research and development.  read more »

How to install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

If you're itching to get Docker up and running, don't let the installation process scare you. See how quick and easy it is to install Docker with the help of Ubuntu 16.04.  read more »

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